Australian Tourism Forecast, Issue 1, April 2013

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Tourism Research Australia – Tourism Forecasting Committee

Economic conditions remain mixed across a number of Australia’s key international markets, with strong growth in emerging markets accompanied by patchy recovery in advanced economies. Sovereign debt issues continue to undermine confidence in our traditional markets in Europe and beyond, though the US economy has shown signs of improvement.

Growth prospects are strongest in the Asia-Pacific, with boosts to aviation capacity reflecting positive outlooks from consumers and businesses alike.

Closer to home, Australian households and businesses remain cautious despite relatively strong economic prospects and growth in property and retail, reflecting concerns around a softening resources sector, global economic conditions and an upcoming federal election. This is expected to translate into a slow-down of spending on big-ticket items such as international travel, paving the way for a continuation of the recovery in domestic travel.

This year, visitor expenditure in Australia is expected to total $99.1 billion, attributable to 6.3 million international arrivals, 75.5 million domestic overnight trips and 176.9 million domestic day trips. Outbound departures will reach 8.4 million trips.

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